Redbean Magnetic one Cable

MAGNETIC ONE responsible for faster and  easier daily life.

Don’t charge your device carefully while bother about the cable direction. 

Charge your device easily and quickly without any direction in anywhere, anytime you want with 360 degree design from now on. Once even it’s grazed, cable is connected automatically.

Moreover with reversible USB, REDBEAN MANGETIC ONE is the most comfortable charging cable.

Only with just one hand, within one second, enough for fast charging 

Simple & Convenient method with strong magnetic force , connected automatically when cable is near around the connector adhered at smart device.

Connect easily and freely without disturbing view, as you can charge and remove from the device while driving.

360º Rotation plug

360 degree rotation auto connection for you charging without any direction in anywhere, anytime you want.
Durable 360 degree connector fit for the smart device for enjoying watching video, mobile games easily.

The longer, the more comfortable.

1.2M long cable gives freedom of using during charging.

Through testing several lengths in daily life, that 1.2M is the prefect length for freely using while charging.

1.2M length cable gives freedom of using device during charging.

Smart multiplayer charging  cable from which can support Data transfer to be compatible with all device

MAGNETIC ONE adapts data transfer with round design, for the first time of the world. It prove it's real worth when used with various charging type device, as it can be compatible with Android, Lighting and Type-C. You can charge with just one Magnetic One Toward any kind of smart device if you put the connector according to each device. Experience cost saving effect by purchasing necessary connector instead of buying the whole charging cable every time.