Redbean Magnetic flat Cable

Enjoying comfort and efficiency simultaneously, for active person.

Don’t worry anymore ,if you experience inconvenience while using and carrying ordinary charging cables. REDBEAN MAGNETIC FLAT is designed in flat type in accordance with usage and portability for you to charge and transfer data freely anywhere, anytime you want.
The Perfect combination compatible with REDBEAN MAGNETIC DUO,

For the one who use Smartphone horizontally!

Only with just one hand, within one second, enough for
fast charging 

Simple & Convenient method with strong magnetic force , connected automatically when cable is near around the connector adhered at smart device. 

Connect easily and freely without disturbing view, as you can charge and remove from the device while driving.

Enjoy Watching video, playing mobile game comfortably while charging the device simultaneously with the flat design.

Easy for watching video, playing mobile game while charging, as it’s designed in horizontal direction unlike other magnetic cable. For this reason, it’s not separated from the device easily, and not hampered by your hand.

Various lengths for convenient life.

0.2M-Perfect length for carrying
The optimum cable  for efficiently usage of the Power bank essential for going outside. (Keep charging your device even inside of bag, purse with flat design’s strong magnetic force, as well as keep carrying them simply while moving.)

1.2M the longer, the more comfortable
Have you ever experienced uncomfort when charging with your device with short length cable when socket is far way. MAGNETIC FLAT resolve your inconvenience with long enough 1.2M length.(Usually, charging speed decreased when the cable length become longer, though, MAGNETIC FLAT maintain its speed and efficiency with thick cable material)

Various compatibility.
Single cable compatible with multiple devices.

Compatible with most smart devices, such as Laptop, Power bank, mouse, Bluetooth earphone. Etc . REDBEAN MAGNETIC Series is innovative way of using multiple devices more safe and comfortable.