Redbean Magnetic Core Cable

Easily detachable gender with strong magnetic force, differentiated from previous inconvenient method.

Apple macbook user miss comfort of mag-safe which is disappeared, Through the release of Magnetic Core,

REDBEAN plans to provide MacBook users with nostalgia of the past and new consumers with innovation, respectively.

As Magnetic core is connected to the device by strong magnet force, you can recharge the battery and transmit data easily with one hand, without any direction.

In addition, in case that the cable is pulled, only the cable is removed automatically to prevent damage to the device due to strong magnetic force

Support USB PD fast charge, possible for charging laptop.

Mangetic core supports USB PD fast charge, up to 100W, Compatible with type-c cable without any direction. Maintain stable current and prevention of short circuit is essential because high current flows when charging laptop. Unlike other adapter, Magnetic core is designed with 4 layer PCB layout and unique 20 pin alignment. Thanks to it’s special structure, it supports support USB PD fast charge, up to 100W,s stably.

Enjoy charging and data transferring easily,

even in the dark, with LED indicator

Support 4K display possible for high definition video.

Magnetic core is a Multi tasker Type-C adapter. It supports from super fast USB 3.1 data transfer up to 10 Gbps to 4K display, at once. With the expandability capable of reading U-disc and SD card as well, you can experience an optimal effect if you use it with the hub.