Pop-up Design for easy detach with one hand. Use anywhere at indoors.

By pressing the cradle lightly, IQOS automatically detached by the internal rebound for you to use easily with one hand, after charging is finished.

Charge IQOS easily indoors, even in the dark

Cube IQOS Charger especially shows its great value indoors. You need not look for the charging case every time; just connect the device to the charger and it starts getting charged. With sticker, Attach without sticky everywhere indoor, with stand design. You can check the state of charge even in dark places, with soft LED light.

Enjoy charging IQOS freely, wherever USB port is ready.

With adoption of the USB type, it can be charged easily and conveniently without any restriction of space if only there is a USB port available. SO, instead of carrying pocket charger every time, lighten your pocket. Without pocket charger, charge simultaneously with putting, within 3 minutes.

Moroever, optimal use at inside of the car is possible with USB port.