Use whenever, wherever with freely soft 180 ° rotation

It has an outstanding use of space as it can be charged at any angle with the 180º rotation. Although there is not enough space to put, such as beneath of center fascia in the car, you can fix angle according to your taste, so that freely use is possible.

Charge easily even at the dark place

with sophisticated design

With soft LED light, check the state of charge, as well as use conveniently even dark places. For creating luxurious atmosphere. it is designed with soft gold silver decoration and luxurious matt color as well as compact design.

Charge freely when USB is ready.

With adoption of the USB , it can be charged easily and conveniently if only there is a USB port available. So, instead of carrying pocket charger every time, lighten your pocket.

Without pocket charger, charge simultaneously with putting, within 3 minutes REDBEAN’s 180º IQOS USB charger has succeeded in resolving the inconvenience of onerously opening and closing the case every time for charging.
As the charging begins only if you connect the holder to the charger, you can charge it easily with one hand only. This is quite good news to consumers who get behind the wheel or enjoy smoking.