Magnetic car mount faithful to the basic

Increase adsorptive power with using 4 piece strong neodymium N 45 magnet, as well as cross arrangement of both positive and negative poles.
Through impulse loading test, . it could sustain up to 350g weight, so that mount device to some extent iPad Mini, easily.
Intensive installation with no worries of detach under shake is possible.
Don’t be worry if too strong magnet might cause influence at cellphone, as it is not enough to influence at cellphone’s magnetic field.

Decorate car intorior as my own space with free roation, 360° above and below,  90° from side to side

If you just once have used dashboard car mount, probably experience difficulty of
seeing cellphone screen under strong sun light, due to restricted control of angle.
Unlike usual dash board car mount which is only possible to rotate within 45°
above and below, REDBEAN MAGNETIC METAL SQUARE resolved difficulty of
watching screen.

Easy mount on anywhere such as desk, wall, toilet and so on

Burst and heat proof REDBEAN METAL SQUARE CAR MOUNT, is designed to stick to various material.

Convenient use at usual desk, the vertical wall, even humid toilet, is possible.