With ALL ROUND MAGNETIC CAR MOUNT, enjoy freely use of wind

REDBEAN ALL ROUND MAGNETIC CAR MOUNT solve the inconvenience of wind, especially heater during winter, a/c during summer,

which is the main reason of shortening of cellphone’s lifetime. 

With free 360 ° rotation design, which minimize influence of wind, prevent precious cellphone and experience pleasant driving atmosphere with wind,

instead of opening, closing air vent’s lever every time. 

Simple but strong magnetic car mount

With 4 N50 magnet which is small but super strong, Intensive installation without worry of detach under shake, even under situation such as slamming on the brake, go over speed bump is possible.
Moreover. It’s highly recommendable as car interior decoration because, super slim and simple design as well as 2 sophisticated color not spoil the beauty of interior.

With 360º rotation, decorate car indoor according to own taste

Attach at the place where one’s view is naturally stayed, with user friendly design Offer much more pleasant driving experience as fixing at optimal angle according to own preference.
As available to mount cellphone horizontally optimal for using navigation as well as mount easy for changing music, enjoy cheerful driving atmosphere.

Strong mount with two size silicone clip

With design which can be fixed according to air vent thickness, it minimize damage
of air vent.
Moreover it is compatible with most type of car, from car which air vent’s wing is thick to thin, air vent as it’s fixed with 2 width fix clip which perfectly touch
upside down of vent.